Attorney Corner

Do you have your client find their own appraiser?

If you are like most legal professionals, you probably worked hard to build a great reputation, and from that reputation, receive a good number of referrals. This reputation is usually built around integrity, knowledge and experience. But there is one other factor that can play a vital role in your business referrals and that is your track record of success.

Today, many attorneys have relegated the retainer of an appraiser back to the client. This may not be in your best interest. Most consumers do not really understand what they need. The consumer makes a call, or does an internet search, to find an appraiser based on the only criteria that they do understand: cost. They also negate the importance of selecting the right professional in case they may need testimony later in time. When an attorney relies on their client to find an appraiser, it often leads to challenges in a multiple appraisal case.

The top three complaints I hear from attorneys who work with appraisers are: they reflect badly on their clients, the appraisal report will not stand up in court, and they don’t have the ‘edge’ to help them win in court.

About Us

We have over 16 years’ experience and having completed thousands of appraisals means Spero Appraisal Services has the vast experience and know how to help you win. Having the edge you need to win in multiple appraisal cases may mean your clients will be happier and will refer to you more clients. Our reports are so well supported that opposing counsel often settles out of court. Lastly, you can trust us with your clients because we rely on you for referrals  .  I can help you win in court and give your clients the service they deserve.

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Bill Spero  IL Certified Residential Appraiser